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Is there room to play?

I've always been interested in human movement. I'm not the type to sit for long periods of time, so I've only had a few office jobs in my life so far. I prefer to sit on the floor or move around while I stand. Even before #stayhome (or as I like to refer to prequarentine as the "beforentine"), I've had a movement room within my home, since 2008 to be exact. That's when I began hoop dancing and I needed enough space to be able to move the hoop around my body without breaking or bumping into anything. Now, my fiance and I have a movement room in lieu of a living room, where the floors are covered in padded mats and we have various exercise equiptment to practice with. Check out my video for the full tour.

During my birth chart reading, the Astrologer Stephanie Briggs, told me that my sun sign is Sagitarrius (Gemini rising) and my moon is in Taurus which means I take care to make every place I go feel like home. This is true. My senses, being heightened as they are, must be satistfied! This notion of giving special attention to the senses within my movement space is what lead me to share this list with you. Now that we, as a society, are collectively home for longer periods of time, we need to find new or even consistent ways to move our bodies. Partially so we don't lose out minds! "Get out of your head and into your body" as I always say!

Movement Space Checklist

1. Is it safe and clean?

---> Make sure the floor is clean, free of random debris, and remove all breakables.

2. Do you have enough room?

---> Is there at least enough room to stand with wide stance and swing your arms around without hitting anything?

3. Does the air quality feel clear?

---> If not, open a window , turn on the air purifier, or remove the culprit.

4. Does the smell in the room give you the desired effect?

---> Do you want to feel relaxed or energized? Try esstential oils, a diffuser, or inscense, for example.

5. Have a music station.

---> Or perhaps you prefer silence?

6. Are there mirrors?

---> If so, what are they reflecting, where are they placed? You may want to monitor your form or cover it up, depending on how self-consious it may make you feel.

7. What are your light sources?

---> It's fun to have multiple sources of light so you can switch it up depending on your mood. Lamps, candles, party lights, anything you'd like!

8. Is the location somewhere you won't be interrupted?

---> Visitors, though loving as they may be, can create distractions and take us out of the moment. Try to make your space out of the way from common areas or tell your housemates you need personal space when practicing.

9. Surround yourself with inspiring images!

---> Inspiration is personal so make note of how the things on your walls make you feel. Maybe you are a minimalist and wall hangings are like clutter to your eyes.

What else would you add to this list? Thanks for reading along and remember to check out my YouTube video tour of my movement room! And when the "beforentine" turns into the "afterentine", let's play!

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