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"Amy is truly gifted. Highly intuitive, with a beautiful blend of energy and bodywork. With just the right amount of pressure, my body surrendered into a deeply restful state of peace, trusting the clear integrity of Amy to hold a safe and gentle space so my body could heal. I highly recommend Amy for any of your bodywork needs."

-Forest P.



"Amy is absolutely amazing! Her approach is so intuitive that I feel like I can completely let go and relax. I have seen her many times and always feel so much better and more aligned after. She has helped me work through so much physically with her integrative holistic approach to wellness that supports not only the body, it incorporates mind and spirit as well by helping to connect everything into balance. So healing!"

-Jen M.


"I continuously get amazing massages from Amy! Her soft, yet strong, graceful hands melt into muscles with expert ease. She has a great healing intuition and her skill with fascia got me back to feeling fantastic. Excited to have another session soon!"

-Shelly W.


"I had one of the best reiki session I have ever experienced with Amy! Her gentle but powerful technique of clearing energy is just what I needed. I was in a tailspin of emotions and she helped get rid of the static that seem to be getting in the way of me thinking clearly. I was able to process and work through things I didn't think I was capable of doing...didn't think I had it in me. I was ready for a big release of negative energy that was no longer serving me and I got exactly what I asked for. I am so thankful for Amy in what she does to help and heal people on a daily basis. Truly an Earth Angel! Highly recommend to anybody just looking for guidance looking for clarity looking for answers within yourself!"

-Kerry B

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